Taggiasca Olive oil bottle 8,45 oz from Liguria
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Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil – 250 ml


Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil from Liguria (Italy) in bottle of 250 ml.
100% Monocultivar Taggiasca.
Cold pressed. Almond flavour and with a taste a bit fruity in the final.

This Taggiasca Olive Oil comes from our orchard in Rocchetta Nervina (Liguria). You can buy this little bottle to taste the quality and the difference of our olive oil.



INFORMATION The extra virgin olive oil extracted taggiasca Cuvea is cold pressed, totally natural and delicate flavor of almonds. Olive groves from which this precious oil produce an oil with a unique flavor and unmistakable, with a low acidity, without any chemical treatment.
COOKING USE It’s supreme raw to embellish your dishes with a touch of authenticity and lightness.


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